Lintel Replacement

We provide lintel replacement services, Lintels are located above most doors and windows, these lintels can be made of brick, concrete, metal, and even timber. They are crucial in carrying the load of masonry units. Defective lintels cause the masonry to sag, skew, or in the worst case fall off. If cracks become apparent, it is vital that the cracks be treated to prevent further structural damage to the lintel, or the lintel will need to be replaced if damage has already occurred.

Signs of lintel failure include:

  • Bricks above the window or door are protruding in any way, instead of laying straight and plumb.
  • Cracks in the mortar joints or bricks going outward from the upper corners, this is due to the wall trying to accommodate the damaged lintel.
  • Crushed bricks in the upper corners of windows and door jambs near the lintel.

Nonetheless, with damaged lintels, pressure continues to grow, and even the hardest masonry units blow apart. If you are unsure about the damage to your wall and if it is lintel related, we highly recommend getting a lintel replacement specialist to examine it. Damaged lintels left untreated are subjected to catastrophic wall failure that may put you at risk.

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